THE WAY I SEE IT #2 : By Darren Murphy

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I WAS starting to feel like I was in Groundhog Day, you know the movie, right?

The one starring Bill Murray, who wakes up each morning at 6am and relives the same day over and over again.

Sort of like a déjà vu moment but much worse, you need to see where I’m coming from, though.

Everyone’s complaining about the rain. “It’s supposed to be summer,” one of my friends said.

Here I was, though, thinking big deal it rains every summer. But if I see the animals being gathered two by two, then I will start to panic (and I’ll make sure no midges get on that ark!).

I mean come on people it’s Scotland, it always rains. Okay maybe it was the wettest June since records began but at least the proposed potato shortage is a no-go.

If the price of chips rises now I’ll be starting a revolution people, I’ll tell you!

The rain was the first familiarity to my summer, next up another major football tournament passed without the Tartan Army’s involvement. A tournament in which the Auld Enemy exited via a penalty shoot-out once again.

Is anyone else starting to feel they’ve lived this summer before?

My attentions turned to Wimbledon next, with Scottish hopes falling on Andy Murray’s ever-broadening shoulders. Of course, many of us had Murray leaving the tournament by the semi-final trapdoor but not this time people.

See the thing is, Scotland is often accused of being a nation of pessimists, mainly by its own inhabitants, so there’s a moral there.

Andy Murray might not have won Wimbledon but he saved my summer from being all too familiar and he gave even the biggest Scottish pessimists a glimmer of hope.

WITH my summer rescued it got me thinking, where do I get my next sporting fix?

Answers on a postcard . . . The Olympics!

I had already read a national newspaper article about there being no Scottish men in the British track and field team for London 2012. Then I found out there were no Scottish players in the Olympic football side.

I pondered the situation precariously waiting for my mind to ask the same old question: “Why are we Scots so bad at everything?”

This time it didn’t come, though, Andy Murray hadn’t just saved my summer he had also smashed away my deep-rooted pessimism with one giant forehand. With new found optimism I looked forward to what Scottish heroes would be competing over the rest of the summer.

And it’s much brighter than I could have imagined, with Sir Chris Hoy, the most successful Olympic male cyclist of all time, competing at London 2012 and aiming to become Britain’s greatest ever Olympian.

Sure we might not be very well represented in the men’s track and field side but does anyone really care if Sir Chris comes back with another couple of gold medals to add to his collection.

No, didn’t think so.

Looking beyond the Olympics a certain Ricky Burns, Scotland’s first ever two-weight world boxing champion, defends his lightweight title for the second time.

World champion, it’s got a nice ring to it hasn’t it? So fear not if you thought Andy Murray was your last hope of some Scottish sporting glory this summer as there is much more to come. In fact, you’ll see him again very soon at the Olympics.

So it’s not all doom and gloom for Scottish sports bar the weather, but we can’t do anything about that can we?

OH AND by the way, I nearly forgot, if all else fails for us men, there’s always the beach volleyball. I hear Sweden have a really fit side.