The Way I See It

This is the very last time you will read these words, ‘The Way I See it’ – at least typed by me anyway.

Since 2012, this little blog for the Hawick News has been a part of my weekly routine. Wednesday night, when I chose to write my column, has always been a welcome break from the other nights of the week, which I use to focus on my fictional work. It does sadden me a little that I’ve decided to call time on this blog.

However, I felt the timing was correct and prioritising other issues was an influential factor in making my decision. All in all, the experience has been positive and it’s not something I’ll ever forget. I’ve written about many subjects and I sincerely hope that I’ve managed to cater for a variety of people, and that readers of my blog continued to be interested in my articles up until the very end. Mental health issues, declining bee populations, women eating placentas after birth, passengers I’ve met on the train, to name just a smal amount of the topics I’ve dared to voice my opinions on.

Writing is the form of expression I’m most comfortable with, although admittedly I never saw myself as a columnist. Which will probably surprise those who know me, because I’ve never been one to hold back when I’ve felt something should be said. At no point, have I ever written anything to be liked, or to simply stoke the fires of controversy. Wearing my heart on my sleeve, everything I’ve ever written about have been virtues and beliefs which I defend staunchly.

Indeed, writing is a great form of therapy, where else can I vent my frustrations about inequality, persecution and other things I find abhorrent in our society? The Hawick News is the first publication I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to. Wherever the unpredictability of the future may take me, forgetting my roots is not something I’m likely to do. Having left school at 15 years old, with very few qualifications, contributing to a local newspaper has been a big deal to me, not only because it proved to me that I had the ability to actually do something I love doing, but also because it has given me the confidence to aim higher and has been somewhat of milestone.

With this in mind, it would be wrong if I didn’t thank my loyal readers, or any readers for that matter. And for my nemeses on the Hawick News website, who perpetually disagreed with me, or felt the need to tell me I’m stupid, you will be pleased to know . . . that was the way I saw it.