The waiting is over for excited Cornet Euan Reilly

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The day all Teries have been waiting for is here, but if there’s one man for whom it can’t come quick enough, it’s Cornet Euan Reilly.

All through his duties over the past fortnight, Euan has talked about how honoured he has felt to be in this position, and that he simply couldn’t wait for the big day.

“The crowds have been unreal,” he told The Hawick News this week. “They have given me some buzz as I’ve led the rideouts and I’ve felt on top of the world.

“And all the speeches have been excellent, they have given me food for thought and I know just how important this honour is.

“To be a part of Common Riding history really is a dream come true for me.”

The 23-year-old has been a busy Cornet this week, with a plethora of duties to perform and places to be.

The Kirking of the Cornet took place on Sunday at Wilton Parish Church, the event marking the beginning of Common Riding Week (see page 9).

The exile’s reception took place in the Town Hall last night (Wednesday) and tonight (Thursday) the Halberdiers and the Drum and Fife band set off from the Kirk Wynd to signal the start of the Common Riding and the Colours will be well and truly Bussed at the Town Hall an hour later.

Euan will then proceed to tie his ribbons on the 1514 Memorial and the 2014 commemorative memorial on his walk through the Burgh,

And then it will be an early start for Common Riding Morning.

Common Riding chairman Ian Scott told us: “We are all ready to go.

“So far, the principals have all done very well, and I have no worries that they will be anything other than fantastic.

“It will be a great day – no matter the weather.”