The ones who we lost over the last year

The following deaths were notified to the Hawick News 
in 2015:


Jim Dunlop, Kilmaurs Ayrshire (formerly of Hawick); David Hannah, Deanfield Residential Home; Jane Stoddart, Tower Knowe (at Borders General Hospital); Nan Templeman, Borders General Hospital; William (Teak) Grieve, Borders General Hospital; Robert Howden, Frank Scott Court; James Mable, Haywards Heath, Sussex; Robert Marshall, Margaret Kerr Unit; John McDevitt; Peggy Armstrong; Gordon Irvine, Minto Place; Margaret (Peggy) Murdie, Buccleuch Care Home; Drew Wilson; Helen Anderson; Euphemia (Fairy) Angus; Robert (Bosh) Borthwick, Borders General Hospital; Robert Bouglas; Christina (Chrissie) Brown, St Margaret’s Care Home; Mary Bruce; John James (Jock Dal) Dalgliesh, Denholm (at Borders General Hospital); Elizabeth (Betty) Grieve, Havelock Place; William (Bill) McLeod, Borders General Hospital; Rob Redhead, Community Hospital; Sylvia Rolland, St Margaret’s Home; Gaynor Small-Shiel.


Richard (Dick) Boyes, Bothwell Court (at Borders General Hospital); Gordon Crosby, West Port; Mary (Molly) Kerr, Ancrum (formerly Hawick); Nan Newbigging, Buccleuch Care Home; Joyce Oliver, formerly Wallace Court (at Borders General Hospital); George Young, Buccleuch Care Home; Shona Brough, Scarborough General Hospital; Brian Hosie; Jim (Jimmy) Millar, Community Hospital; Williamina (Minnie) Millar, St Andrew’s Care Home; Margaret (Greta) Reid, Deanfield Residential Home; Vivien Robinson, Denholm; John (Jock) Speirs, Howdenbank; Cathie Tearney, Community Hospital; David (Dave) Watson, Ancrum Court (at Borders General Hospital); George Burney, Borders General Hospital; Maurice Cunningham, Weens Care Home; Ivy Cuthbertson, Borders General Hospital; Dan Davey, Wilton Hill Terrace (at Borders General Hospital); Elizabeth (Betty) Hall, Community Hospital; William (Bizz) Oliver, St Andrew’s Care Home; Hazel Scott, Borders General Hospital; May Tinlin, Douglas Haig Court; Jennifer Walker; Adam Bell; William (Bill) Drysdale; Claire Grieve, Borders General Hospital; Bert Jackson, Longbaulk Road; Valerie Maben, Borders General Hospital; Jean Bain, Frank Scott Court (at Community Hospital); Robert Boyle, Scotswood; Christine Duncan, McLagan Drive (at Borders General Hospital); Catherine (Cathie) Mutch, Teviot Court (at Deanfield); Winifred (Win) Pringle, Borders General Hospital.


Margaret Clark, community Hospital; James (Jim) Hunter, Borders General Hospital; James (Jim) Peddie, McLagan Drive; Daisy Sax, Barnet, London (formerly of Hawick); Margaret Stevenson, Knowesouth Nursing Home; Alistair Aitchison; Grace Crozier; Agnes (Nan) Davidson, Borders General Hospital; Moyra Dunsmuir, formerly Roxburghe Drive (at Deanfield Care Home); Isabella (Ella) Little, community hospital; Robert (Bob) Sim, Borders General Hospital; Marion Balcain, Deloraine Court; Janet (Jenny) Beattie, Drumlanrig Square; Megan Stewart; Doris Umpherston, Community Hospital; Phoebe Young, Borders General Hospital; Andrew (Danny) Learmonth, Hillend Drive; Isobel Ness, Riverside Healthcare Centre, Selkirk (formerly Hawick); Norma Nunn, Borders General Hospital; Robert (Rob) Ogg, Borders General Hospital; Robert Oliver (known as Bob or Pop), Auckland, New Zealand; Ivy Wallace, Knowesouth Care Centre; Andy Waugh, Borders General Hospital; William (Willie) Whitten, McLagan Drive; Barbara Young; Elizabeth Dodds, Sydney, Australia (formerly Hawick); Alexander Peterson, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.


Isobel Ballantyne, Howdenbank (at Borders General Hospital); Robert (Bob) Cairns, St Andrew’s Nursing Home; Isabella (Isla) Hartness, Borders General Hospital; Rachael Kyle, Alemoor Court; George Mitchell, Haddington (formerly Hawick); Alan Richardson, Community Hospital; George (Gent) Gentleman, St Margaret’s Care Home; Dale Whillans, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh; Nan Aitken, Borders General Hospital; Bill Douglas, Denholm (at community hospital); David Nuttall, Borders General Hospital; James Shipley; William (Bill) Stewart, Borders General Hospital; Ian (Dago) Dalgleish, St Margaret’s Care Home; Peter Lang, Paterson Gardens (at Borders General Hospital); William Scott, Granby Hospital, Canada (formerly Hawick); Hugh Rourke, Birmingham.


Susan Clark, Borders General Hospital; Helen Roden, Rossendale, Lancashire; Isabella (Ella) Dalgetty, Melrose (formerly Hawick); Ian Purdie, Borders General Hospital; Peter Roden; Ann Borthwick; Mandy Brown; Diane Elliot, Borders General Hospital; Jane Kiernan, Borders General Hospital; Isabel Weir, McLagan Drive; David Armstrong, St Andrew’s Nursing Home; Alice Elsdon, Frank Scott Court (at Borders General Hospital); Mina Hewit, Virginia Lodge Care Home (formerly The Leap, Hillside Crescent, Langholm); Robert (Bob) Johnston, Borders General Hospital; Robert Anderson, formerly East Boonraw Farm (at Borders General Hospital); Duncan Bett, Borders General Hospital.


Jim (Dimmer) Anderson, Borders General Hospital; Isabella (Isa) Baumgart, St Margaret’s Nursing Home; Rita Carr, Community Hospital; Isabella Gallacher, Knowesouth Nursing Home; Elma Young, Selkirk; Jane Brown, St Margaret’s Care Home; Thomas Glendinning, Borders General Hospital; Helen Latta, Community Hospital; William (Willie) Phillips, Hyndlee Farm, Bonchester Bridge (at Community Hospital); Jessie Taylor; Dorothy Lowes, Deanfield Care Home; Isabel Telfer, Hawick/Edinburgh; Alfie Baillie, Borders General Hospital.


Penelope Hall, Borders General Hospital; Ian McPhillips, Sandbed; Charles Ennion, Community Hospital; Irene Howden, North Bridge Street; William (Bill) Thomson, Community Hospital; Elizabeth Guy, St Margaret’s Care Home; Thomas Miller, Borders General Hospital; Tracy Storrie; Annie Weatherson, Roundabouts Farm, Southdean (at Borders General Hospital); the Reverend Alexander Barr, Royal Alexandria Hospital, Paisley;


Robert (Rob) Fraser, Selkirk (formerly of Hawick, Cornet in 1956); Les Parris, Adelaide, South Australia; Margaret Anderson, former teachet at Hobkirk school; David (Papa Dave) Borthwick, Community Hospital; Daniel (Danny) Bowie, McLagan Drive; Elizabeth (Ella) Knox, Borders General Hospital; William (Bill) Lunn, Branxholme Road (at Borders General Hospital); Kathleen Nuttall (Jolly), Deloraine Court (at Borders General Hospital); Joan Barron, St James’s Hospital, Leeds; Mary (Jean) Craig, Borders General Hospital; Barbara Halliday, Community Hospital; Tom Hopkins; Thomas (Tam) Jolly; Janette McAllan, Union Street (at Community Hospital); Professor David Michie, Ednburgh; Colin (Deebs) Blaikie; Evelyn Freeman; Doreen Newcombe, Knowesouth Nursing Home.


Kerry Butler, Sydney; Eric Dodds, Borders General Hospital; Alexander (Alec) Finnie, Teviot Court (at Borders General Hospital); Graeme Moffat; John (Jock) Meikle; Norah Murray, Community Hospital; Iris Barrie, Haddington (formerly Hawick); Rob Kyle, Southfield (at Borders General Hospital).


William (Bill) Dalgleish; Ian Potts, McLagan Drive (at Community Hospital); Archie Wilson, Deanfield Residential Home; David Algie, Borders General Hospital; Lily Armstrong, Wepre Villa, Connachs Quay; Mary Turnbull, The Orchards Nursing Home, Crewkerne; Christine Boyle, Borders General Hospital; Alan Maltman, Glenrothes (formerly Hawick); Norman Renwick; Borders General Hospital; George (Bomber) Telfer, Borders General Hospital; Elizabeth Buchanan, Bury St Edmunds; Christine Scott, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.


Jim Bell, Ashkirk (at Knowesouth Nursing Home); James (Jim) Chapman; Audrey Hatton, Borders General Hospital; Kathleen Jackson, Borders General Hospital; Mary (May) Elliot, Borders General Hospital; Wattie Hogg, Borders General Hospital; Ellen Kerr; Alexander (Alex) Mercer, Borders General Hospital; Ronnie Nichol, Borders General Hospital; Baillie Richardson, Silverbuthall Road (at Borders General Hospital); Bill Blake, Borders General Hospital; Thomas (Tommy) Elliot, The Knoll Hospital, Duns (formerly of Hawick); Tom McEwan, Knowesouth Nursing Home; George Murray, Gala Brae (at St Andrew’s Nursing Home); Jackie Nichol, Borders General Hospital; John Oliver, Community Hospital; Irene Philbin, Ettrick Terrace (at Borders General Hospital); Bruce Robertson, Ramsay Road; Grahame (Gav) Sutherland, Hawick (at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary); Evelyn Elliot, Borders General Hospital; Ronnie Irvine; Paul Richardson, Newcastleton.


Grace Beck, St Margaret’s Nursing Home; Carole Cantle, Borders General Hospital; Thomas (Tom) Hall, Howdenbank (at Grange Hall Nursing Home); Agnes (Nan) Hardy, Knowesouth Nursing Home; Rob Heggie; Ian Renwick, Borders General Hospital; Les Aitken, Hillend Drive; Jennifer (Jenny) Al-khoury; Grieve Dalgleish, St Margaret’s Care Home; Helen Fraser, Melrose (at Borders General Hospital); Liubov (Luba) Hogarth, Borders General Hospital; Robert (Spud) Murphy; Nancy Spreng; John (Jock) Taylor, St Margaret’s Care Home; Collette Thomson; Davis (Scotty) Turner; Hugh Fairholm, Dumfries Infimary; George Livingstone, Borders General Hospital; Christine Macmaster; Molly Scott; Arthur Walter, Borders General Hospital; Brian Borthwick, Peebles (formerly of Hawick).