The darkness within can’t be dismissed

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Our salvation requires that we understand the extent of our ‘lostness’; that we no longer dismiss the darkness within us as human ‘weakness’.

It’s far more; it’s deadly, destructive and dehumanising; destructive of other people, and destructive of ourselves too. Ultimately, it blinds us to a true appreciation of God. We are incapable of seeing him properly. Maybe we’ve settled too readily instead for seductive ideas about God, which can increase the darkness.

John likened Jesus to the ultimate light, who came to free us, forgive us and show us the radiance of God’s character.

The darkness in which humanity is lost proved itself enough to obscure, if not fully extinguish even him. It should not be haughtily dismissed. On August 1 1914, the world descended crazily into a war.

The peoples of the world, with countless different objectives in mind, marched off to make the world a better place. Does it feel any brighter 100 years on?

– Rev. Michael Scouler