Thanks to everyone who made Vertish Hill Sports a success

THROUGH your columns, I would like to thank those who made the 131st Vertish Hill Sports such an outstanding success.

Thanks must also go to the Saxhorn and Scout Fellowship Pipe Bands for once again giving first-class displays in the procession and on the hill.

We all know that the youngsters give their all in the races every year at the Vertish – and 2012 proved to be no exception. A big thank you to all of them who took part. Along with the £3, the children in the procession also received a jubilee medal. This, in years to come, will remind them of taking part in the sports in a very special year of the Olympics and Queen’s jubilee.

Some 59 years ago in 1953, the year of the Queen’s coronation, some 2,000-plus children all received a gift of two shillings and sixpence – a substantial amount in those days. At the time the local “Toon Cooncil” underwrote the full cost to the then Vertish committee. Nowadays, we rely entirely on the generous donations, both large and small, from the people of Hawick, and the collecting skills of Jim Coltman and Tony Wilson – and before them, Jim Anderson, who did a great job as a collector.

A little-known fact outside the committee is that T. F. E. Grierson (Eric) has been diligently auditing the financial affairs of the Vertish committee since 1964. I would like to thank Eric for nearly 50 years of service, and many thanks also to everyone who has contributed financially to the sports.

Thanks also to Cornet Ross Nichol for awarding the prizes and taking part in the procession, and to the police and Red Cross, and the golf club and Evergreen Hall for the use of their facilities.

A large crowd turned up this year to cheer on the children and I am sure they will all be back next year. Hope to see you all on the hill.CHARLIE DOUGLAS

Vertish Hill Sports president