Tesco breach woman has her sentence deferred

A DRUNKEN woman knocked items from a shop’s shelves and threw flowers around.

As Chelsea Yardley left Tesco’s 24-hour store in the early hours of the morning, she struck a shopper several times on the head.

Yardley, 21, of Weensland Road, Hawick, admitted committing a breach of the peace at Tesco, Paton Street, Galashiels, on February 17.

“The accused and some friends went to Tesco at about 3am on a Friday,” explained procurator fiscal Graham Fraser.

“They were clearly intoxicated, and she began knocking stock from shelves and throwing flowers around the shop. This wholly unacceptable behaviour was all seen on CCTV,” added Mr Fraser.

The man struck by Yardley had been leaving the store by its travelator.

“He came across the accused, and there was a confrontation,” continued Mr Fraser, “and she struck him a number of times on the head with her hands.”

Other intervened and the police were called.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond deferred sentence until February 4 for reports, warning Yardley, “People will not be treated in this sort of way.”