Teri Steven puts the spark into F1 race ace’s car

Hawick's Steven Hamilton with Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton.
Hawick's Steven Hamilton with Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton.

Hawick’s Steven Hamilton jetted out to Texas this week for the American Grand Prix, where he will be working with Lewis Hamilton, the F1 legend.

Steven’s career sees him travel around the world as an electronics engineer with Formula 1 outfit Mercedes.

The talented 32-year-old is part of the team which makes sure that the electronics in Lewis Hamilton’s car are tip-top. Steven explained: “My responsibilities include setting up all of the electronic systems except for the engine itself.”

“I make sure that the software controlling the various car systems such as the gearbox are configured correctly and ready to race.”

Steven attended St Margaret’s Primary School and Hawick High, and his family, including mum Veronica and dad Dennis, still live in Hawick.

He completed an honours degree in computer science at St Andrews University, before attending Cranfield Uni-
versity where he studied for a masters in motorsport engineering .

However, Steven says in his industry who you know is just as important as what you know. He continued: “When I finished my masters I was working for an electronics company where I got to know the
right people.”