Takeaway boss has ‘had enough’ of litter louts

The mess in Buccleuch Street has been branded "a disgrace"
The mess in Buccleuch Street has been branded "a disgrace"

The ower of a fast-food shop has apologised for the mess left outside his shop each weekend by drunk youths and has said he will take action.

Ebo Toprak, who owns Ebo’s in Buccleuch Street, says he tries hard to encourage customers to bin their rubbish but once he closes and goes home there’s nothing he can do.

One fed-up local resident told the Hawick News this week that it’s the same every weekend and it needs to stop as it gives a bad impression to folk travelling on the A7 through Hawick.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “The mess residents wake up to a Sunday morning is disgraceful.

“We understand that the staff from the takeaway can’t control what happens after their shop is closed, but surely they still have a moral responsibility to tidy up? All the food lying around is only going to attract vermin. Also it is embarrasing to think that the mess is one of the first things that visitors see when they drive into our town.”

Mr Toprak, who claims many of the youngsters ignore requests to use rubbish bins, added: “I can only apologise for this. I know it is wrong but I have had enough and I am wanting out of the shop. It is terrible. My staff are telling people to put their wrappers in the bin but then they burned my bin. What can I do?”

Asked if he would consider an early morning clean-up outside his premises, Mr Toprak said: “We are in the shop until 2am and we have to go home
after work and it is very early
in the morning to be cleaning up.”

He conceded that he did have a moral responsibility to make sure the area was clean and tidy and that it does look bad.”

He added: “I will see what I can do. I pay the council £1,000 each year and I pay rates also. I just do not know what to do about this.”

The Hawick News contacted Scottish Borders Council and a spokesman said that Mr Toprak was under no legal obligation to tidy the pavements in front of his premises.

The spokesperson said: “There is no legal requirement for a shop owner to tidy up litter from the pavement outside their property.

“There are a number of bins in the vicinity which we would encourage members of the public to use.”

The spokesperson added: “We will monitor the situation, particularly on Sunday mornings, before deciding if another bin is required.”