Sweetcorn crop a giant success

GREEN-fingered pensioner Bill Irvine has cultivated giant sweetcorn plants which stand at more than eight feet tall.

The keen gardener has attributed his bumper crop to this year’s warm summer weather – but says it means he will have to start giving the cobs away.

Mr Irvine, also a well-known local farmer, told the Hawick News: “I think it’s been the warm sunshine that’s done it, as they like the heat. They weren’t going well earlier on, but after a lot of heavy rain they took off. I’ve been growing sweetcorn for the last three years, but this is the biggest they’ve ever been and I was quite surprised.”

Mr Irvine, who also enjoys growing carrots, beetroot, tomatoes, potatoes and even plums, added: “At eight foot three inches, the sweetcorn is quite a sight, it makes the garden look like a jungle.

“I’m really pleased with them, but I think we’ll soon have to start giving some away.”