Survey leads to pot hole patching

Repairs are under way on roads blighted by potholes in the Denholm area, writes Jason Marshall.

The issue was raised at a recent community council meeting, at which it was heard secretary Will Roberts had carried out a survey of potholes and white-line deficiencies in Denholm, Cavers, Minto and Bedrule.

Mr Roberts presented his findings to SBC officials and said: “I highlighted areas of particular concern, including the road from Cauldmill to Honeyburn, which has since been patched, and full credit to the council for their rapid response. This road has suffered unusually high volumes of traffic due to vehicles being diverted from the A698 during the recent floods and was showing very bad wear and tear.”

Mr Roberts’ survey also threw the spotlight on white-lining at rural junctions which was badly worn and a potential safety risk.

A council spokesperson said: “Following the winter storms the council is facing a very challenging period due to significant damage to our infrastructure.

“Wherever possible we will take remedial action as soon as possible to rectify these issues and in this instance are pleased to have been able to promptly undertake patching to this particular section of