Strong Teri following as they help celebrate Selkirk’s special day

THERE was an unmistakable Hawick prescence at Selkirk Common-Riding last Friday when two Teries took centre stage at the Casting of the Colours, and a large number were also in the saddle.

Selkirk’s spectacular ceremonial casting of the various crafts’ flags in a packed Market Square this year included two men with roots firmly in Hawick – but with strong ties to the Royal and Ancient Burgh.

Denholm resident Andrew Haddon was chosen to be the Standard Bearer for the Incorporation of Fleshers after tracing his family history and discovering that he was related to one of its founder members. And the 49-year old couldn’t have been more proud as he carried out his duties on the specially erected box, in view of hundreds of people.

He told the Hawick News: “It was absolutely fantastic and although obviously nerve-wracking, was a wonderful experience. I got such super support from the Fleshers and a lot of help to prepare for the Casting.

“Looking up to the large crowds afterwards with the cheers and the feeling of relief that I got the sequence and timing right was really overwhelming. I am very proud to have been the Fleshers Standard Bearer and it meant so much to me with my family connection.”

And married dad-of-one Andrew, who works as the director of corporate services at Langside College in Glasgow, added: “I was also really pleased that so many of my friends and family came along and attended the Fleshers Foy afterwards for a sing-song and to support me, I really appreciated that and it was a great day.”

Also flying the flag for Hawick, but doing the proud honours for the Selkirk Colonial Society, was exiled Teri Bobby Murray who is now living in North Queensland with his family. Having previously lived in Selkirk for many years and also cast the Merchant Company flag back in 2005, Bobby – the brother of Hawick Ex-Cornet Colin Murray – told the Hawick News: “It was a total surprise being asked to be the Colonial Standard Bearer but such an honour.”

Bobby, who flew back for both Hawick and Selkirk Common-Ridings along with wife Mandy, and son and daughter Alistair and Sarah, said of his big moment: “Everything went brilliantly and I had a fantastic day, and the fact my whole family was over from Australia with me made it really special. I wasn’t too nervous but it was a great feeling to get the Casting finished, knowing it had gone well, and then looking up to see all the people and take in the atmosphere.”

And hours beforehand as Selkirk’s annual celebrations swung into motion there were more than a few Hawick faces amongst the cavalcade following Standard Mick Craig. The most notable were Hawick’s Big Four and the Acting Mother, as well as Mick Robertson, Ex-Cornet Graham Robertson, Eddie Brogan, Tom Holmes and Ex-Cornet Ben Graham to name a few. Cornet Michael Davidson told the Hawick News: “It was a good morning and I really enjoyed it. Obviously there was no pressure, and it was good to ride alongside the other Principals because I hadn’t had much time at Hawick to meet them properly. It was also great there was a good few Hawick folk following.”