Street demise is ‘heartbreaking’ – outgoing trader

Uptown Boutique has been forced to close due to a drop in trade.
Uptown Boutique has been forced to close due to a drop in trade.

Another local shop is set to close, with its owner warning there needs to be a “drastic change” if other traders are to survive.

Uptown Boutique in O’Connell Street is the fourth shop closure the Hawick News has reported on this year, with all owners reporting a severe drop in trade.

Boutique proprietor Rebecca Farnon said: “We’ve had to close as the High Street is dead, and the trains are taking a lot of people out of the town.

“Me and a few other shop owners have noticed a Saturday is a washout and if you go to Mart Street, you will find them all heading to Edinburgh.

“It’s such a shame for Hawick but we need a drastic change and sooner rather than later if our town is to be saved.

“The High Street is a sorry state, it’s heartbreaking.”

Rebecca took over Uptown Boutique in August and is devastated to see it go.

“It’s very sad and the more shops that shut, the more people don’t come on the street to support the others ,” she added.

“I would like to thank all my customers and wish them all the best.”

Uptown Boutique follows Rum and Milk, The Wardrobe and The Flower Pot, all of whom closed earlier this year, with some owners also blaming the railway for a drop in trade.