‘Strange and disgusting behaviour’ from accused

A MAN who staged a dirty protest in a police cell has been ordered to pay the £289 clean-up costs.

Jamie Brown, 21, wanted to get back at officers who had arrested him for causing a disturbance at his home in Mansfield Crescent.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court heard he urinated over the floor and smeared his excrement over the walls before causing the cell at the police station to flood after blocking the toilet with his clothing.

Earlier on March 23 he had been arrested for threatening behaviour when he kicked and broke his front door after it had been boarded up.

Sheriff Donald Corke described Brown’s protest as “strange and disgusting behaviour”.

As well as the compensation order of £289 in favour of Lothian and Borders Police who had to arrange for the cell to be cleaned, he fined Brown £180.

Brown was admonished on the threatening behaviour and breaking his front door as the sheriff acknowledged it would cost him to fix his own door.

Sheriff Corke commented: “As criminal acts go it is not a particularly intelligent one.”