Stewart remains defiant despite ‘mindless morons’

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LABOUR party candidate Rab Stewart has described those who vandalised his campaign base in Hawick as “mindless morons” .

The 59-year old ’s High Street premises, the former knitwear outlet Gilbert Wilson’s, is boarded up only days from the election after a window was smashed on Friday night. But he has now vowed to fight even harder for a seat at Holyrood.

Mr Stewart said: “Some mindless moron smashed one of the windows and now there is a boarded up front which does nothing to enhance the image of this historic town.

“I will continue to stand up for the ordinary decent folk in society and this has helped strengthen my resolve.

“I will fight to make sure people and property are treated with respect and not tolerate ‘there’s not much we can do’. I can assure you there is, and we will.”

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