Stay on track and let gospel take the strain

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I am writing this on a train. You remember trains: big smelly metal things, ran on rails, got you from A to B, sometimes on time.

Well here I am tapping away at this while the Stirlingshire countryside glides past.

I reflect; if I lived somewhere that had a railway, and if like today somebody was paying the fare, I could get quite attached to this mode of transport. What was it the advert used to say: “Let the train take the strain”?

That really is the great thing about riding the train. You can doze, read, watch the world go by or even write a piece for the Hawick News.

What a picture of the gospel! Striving to get to heaven by my own efforts is pointless.

But I can’t let the train take the strain and give me a ride. As one of the Bible writers put it: “Who will deliver me...? Thank God for Jesus Christ.”

So many people think that somehow they can make it to heaven by the way they steer their own way.

Jesus Christ said: “I am the way”; let the gospel take the strain.