Stamp Club’s vast display

Members having to show stamps, covers or postcards relating to the theme ‘Trains, boats and planes’ resulted in a vast display covering many images from countries worldwide and including some unusual items.

Covers were from the 1962-63 Moscow-Antarctic airlift, Russian Arctic stations, British commemoration of the Battle of Britain postmarked from the famouss Biggin Hill, celebrating Concorde, a letter from Aachen to Hawick in 1828 with a scarce Gravesend ship letter marking and various covers carried by rail, sea and air.

Four superb postcards featured the German Kaiser’s yacht ‘Hohenzollern’ in 1902 and a 1912 letter from a sailor on the German battleship ‘SMS Scharnhorst’ which, two years later in the First World War, was sunk with the loss of all crew.

Making up most of the displays, naturally, were stamps from various countries, including those featuring Russian aviation history, a range from Spain and East Germany, an even larger number from European countries, and an extensive display of Belgian stamps with station postmarks applied by the railway parcels service in the 1920s and 30s.