Staff hit in pocket in wage dispute

St Andrew's Care Home
St Andrew's Care Home
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STAFF at St Andrew’s Care Home are being left out of pocket by their employers – some by up to £600.

Union officials and local MSP Paul Wheelhouse have been drafted in to find a solution to the problem, which affects four employees.

And Park Homes Ltd UK, owners of the care home, have said every effort is being made to find an “amicable conclusion”.

But GMB Union representative Dominic Allan told the Hawick News attempts to hold discussions have so far proven fruitless.

He said: “Essentially what it comes down to is consistent inconsistency in people’s pay. The company will make restitution but people are constantly having to chase them.

“We were wanting to sit down with the company and find out why this is happening and we were supposed to meet with them last week or the week before to discuss the matter, but that was cancelled at short notice and we’ve yet to hear back.”

According to Mr Wheelhouse the situation has arisen following contract changes announced in April this year.

And he, too, said that efforts to meet with management from Park Homes UK Ltd had been frustrating.

He said: “It is an upsetting and dispiriting situation for the staff to find themselves in, where their employer is appearing to fail to honour their commitments to their employees.

“All the staff at St Andrew’s are asking for is to be treated fairly, as is set out in their contracts. The staff have continued to honour their side of the bargain and to maintain the care of the residents despite their unhappiness at their own treatment.”

Jason Sykes, spokesman for Park Homes UK Ltd, admitted there was an issue with the way four members of staff were having their wages calculated, but said “everything possible” was being done to find a solution.

And the company has reacted angrily to a press release on the matter, issued by Mr Wheelhouse this week.

Mr Sykes added: “We will be pleased to meet Mr Wheelhouse at a mutually convenient time, but in the interim will instruct our solicitors in case he chooses to continue his regrettable course of making irresponsible statements, which do not assist him, his constituents or indeed the four of our over 55 employees [at St Andrew’s Care Home] in bringing this matter to a swift and amicable conclusion.”