Spotlight falls on long-gone house

A FORMER house behind the museum in Wilton Lodge Park is the subject of an exhibition in the Waterfall Gallery.

Entitled ‘Walter do you remember’ – a play on the title of The Kinks song ‘Do you remember Walter’ – the exhibition is by Andrew Cranston and tells the story of the house, which was owned by his grandparents and was knocked down in the 1950s.

Based around a painting from memory by his uncle Walter in the 1960s, Andrew has compiled his own paintings, a giant doll’s house, short film and photographs.

His work is taken from his uncle’s original painting as well as stories from his late father Rob, who lived in the house back in the 1920s and 30s.

Former Drumlanrig and high school pupil Andrew, who teaches painting and fine art at the Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, said: “My uncle’s painting was done from memory. I would talk with my dad about the house and it was like I was trying to visualise it.

“The original painting is a starting point for the exhibition but it’s as much about the stories surrounding the house.”

The exhibition will run until the end of September.