Speeding driver fears at Burnfoot

Concerns were expressed this week over speeding drivers on Burnfoot Road and community councillors are demanding a 20mph speed limit.

Richard Knight and Jamie Batten once again raised the issue and police have pledged to return to the site despite failing to catch speeding motorists during three recent visits.

Council vice-chairman Jamie Batten said: “People use this as a rat run to get onto the Denholm road and they drive far too fast. We really need to see a 20mph limit here.”

PC Andy Loughlin, who attended to give the monthly police report said: “We have visited the site and we will look at doing so in the future. We are aware of concerns.”

Mr Batten asked: “Did you catch anyone speeding?”

PC Loughlin replied: “I visited the site and when I was there we didn’t catch anyone speeding. I am not aware of anyone being caught. Although a couple of drivers were spoken to about driving fast but they were not driving over the speed limit.”

Councillor Stuart Marshall suggested a site meeting between ward and community councillors, the police and the council: “We need to have a multi-agency approach here and I am more than happy to get things going.”