Speaker taken to task over comment in Callants speech

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Regarding Councillor Zandra Elliot’s comments on electioneering in her Soap Box column two weeks ago, I find it disappointing that her work colleague and fellow Conservative, Derick Tait, when proposing a toast at last Friday night’s Callants Club dinner, should praise her, and only her, for spending six hours locked in discussions with council hierarchy about the town’s common good fund, when I am led to believe that all of our local councillors were involved in these talks.

Just why Mr Tait chose to make such a comment when delivering his toast is very strange. And certainly seems to fly in the face of Mrs Elliot’s comments on “crass electioneering”.

If this is not electioneering on her behalf then I must have misunderstood the meaning of the word.

I have lived in the Burnfoot area for 13 years and the only time I have ever seen Councillor Elliot on the estate is when local press photographers are taking pictures.

Indeed, I would not be surprised if she didn’t even know where some of the streets are in the scheme.