Soup prices continue to create stir

With regard to the letter which appeared in your paper last week, I did not think my comments about the costs in certain restaurants of soups were incredulous.

My comparison with Baxters High Quality Soups was obviously not a literal one. We are all aware of overheads which apply to most situations in life, some handle these better than others. I believe the public are looking for fair and reasonable charges in this direction and in many establishments this is the case, but not in all.

If your “name and address withheld” writer ever decides to emerge from under their tablecloth, then maybe we will be better placed to judge their own situation.


I READ with interest Tracey Gallagher’s letter in last week’s Hawick News, regarding the Wilton Cemetery, and the near 800 signature petition for a higher wall to be built round the cemetery. And Jamie Batten’s previous letter expressing his concern over a waste of public money.

I am not taking sides, as an argument could be made for and against spending thousands on heightening the wall.

I only wish to repeat what I said at the Burnfoot Community Council meeting when this issue was debated. And that is, if adults were walking past the cemetery, and the wall was heightened, they would not be able to see into the place and witness anything happening. I did agree with Jamie Batten that there would be open access through the gateways.


Burnfoot Community Councillor

I MOST certainly do not want to start a war of words conducted in the Hawick News, but I maintain my position on the call for a wall to be built around the perimeter of Wilton Cemetery.

Yes there has been vandalism within the cemetery, but with four public entrances permanently open, I don’t see how spending thousands of pounds on a wall will stop this – in fact, a brick wall will obstruct the view of anyone walking down from Chay Blyth Place along the Waverley Walk.


The committee of Hawick Shamrock CSC would like to thank everyone that came along to our annual dinner on Friday night. A fantastic night was had by all and the support given by everyone that attended is what makes all the hard work that goes into arranging the evening, worthwhile. A special thanks to all the staff from Brydons Bakery, the caretakers at the town hall and the Hawick YM. And not least our guest for the evening, Murdo McLeod, who was truly magnificent.


Club secretary

I WOULD like to thank the two ladies who came to my assistance when I fell on the High Street on Tuesday morning. Their help was much appreciated.


MAY I, through your letters page, thank everyone who bought raffle tickets for our Christmas hamper draw. The winners were – 1, C. Borthwick; 2, F. Spalding; 3, R. James; 4, R. Suddon; 5, I. Bennett; 6, T. Froud; 7, S. Renton; 8, J. Anderson; 9 , Sneck; 10, N. Anderson; 11, G. Hunter.

Also many thanks to Johnstons, Hawick Knitwear, Short’s of Hawick, Morrisons, Chas. N. Whillans, Buccleuch Bar and Restaurant, Waverley Bar, Stag’s Head, Drumlanrig Bar, High Level and Pringle Butchers, all of whom kindly donated prizes.



Hawick Horse Racing Association

THE Borders Barmy Army are now well on their way with their fund-raising target and their challenge to run London Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support.

On Saturday January 29 we completed our most recent fund-raising event which was an eight-hour sponsored treadmill run in Morrisons, Hawick.

Once again we are amazed at people’s generosity towards our campaign and would like to extend a huge thank you to Morrisons and all their customers who gave very generously on the day. Our fund-raising was added to by an outstanding £1,312.12.


The Borders Barmy Army