Social media frenzy over Hornshole story

The reaction to last week’s front-page story highlighting council recommendations to cut Hornshole from the new Hawick ward at the next local elections was swift and decisive.

Within minutes of the news breaking, townsfolk made their views clear on the Hawick News Facebook page.

One user Anne Molloy wrote: “Very, very, very disappointed.”

Exiled Teri Garry Douglas wrote:“With all that is being proposed here, maybe some councillors would be happy to annexe the Common-Riding as well.

“Hawick’s heritage is inseparable from Hornshole and Bonchester and Denholm are intrinsic aspects of the grey auld toon’s boundaries, faithfully guarded by the riding of the marches.

“I know it’s only an electoral device, but it just does not sit well. I sometimes think us exiled Teries are more concerned about oor toon than some present inhabitants.”

Responding to the news that Councillors Ron Smith, Davie Paterson, George Turnbull and Alastair Cranston, although Mr Cranston now claims he abstained, voted for the council’s recommendation which would have, if implemented, seen Hornshole become part of the Jedburgh super-ward, Sonya Turnbull wrote: “Who do these four councillors think they represent, the people who put them there or their own future?”

Former Hawick News reporter Gavin Gibbon added: “These four ‘councillors’ have been a complete waste of space for long enough!”

The theme continued over the weekend with Jill Anderson writing: “Shocking that four elected councillors are backing this! Seems like Stuart and Watson are the only ones doing anything for our town! Agree with Gavin Gibbon – these four are a complete waste of our council tax money!”

And commenting on Wednesday’s news that Hornshole will be included in the council’s recommendations to the Boundary Commission, Jeanette Porterfield wrote: “Its always been part of Hawick , makes you wonder at the mentality of those trying to change it.”

Adam Robson added: “Now isn’t that a victory for common sense and people power!! Up Wi The Banner!”

Brian Watters remarked: “Scotia’s boast was Hawick’s Callants.”