Smith under fire over sandwich bar veto

I DO not know how Councillor Ron Smith, chairman of planning at Scottish Borders Council, got away with talking down the sandwich bar (Hawick News, July 13).

As a former teacher and friend of rector Alan Williamson, surely he should have declared an interest? What was worse is he turned on his officials who recommended the application be granted.

Although elected in May, Alastair Cranston had the idea that a small piece of employment and new business was a step in the right direction.

Your readers must have witnessed more than 1,000 high school youths spewing out of the school heading for the fast food outlets along the High Street.

The main danger area is over Buccleuch Street to the High Street, with youths dodging cars to make sure they arrive at their lunch stop first.

For the newly-asked-for sandwich bar, at least all safety measures were said to be in place

In my opinion, the application being turned down was a red herring and really wasn’t good enough for all the reasons stated above.


WITH regards to the failed application for a sandwich bar in Buccleuch Street, I find it deeply worrying that we are sending out a message that we are in a position to pick and choose when it comes to approving new business start-ups in the town. Hawick is simply not in a position to turn down new enterprise, however much it may grate with the neighbours or church minister.