Smith calls for ‘more analysis’ on road speeds

FIGURES released by Scottish Borders Council this week show there are no speeding concerns on Weensland Road.

But local councillor Ron Smith has called for further analysis after continued complaints about drivers exceeding the limit.

Speed-monitoring exercises outside numbers 5 and 100 Weensland Road for one week at the end of last month revealed there were 53,254 and 47,359 traffic movements respectively outside the two locations.

Outside No. 5 there was an average daily flow of 3,904 vehicles travelling eastbound, with an average speed of 24mph. Westbound there were 3,913 vehicles at 26mph.

And outside No. 100 the average daily flow of vehicles was 3,474 at an average speed of 22mph, with the same speed for the 3,483 vehicles travelling westbound.

Figures were based on the ‘85th percentile speed’, which is the speed at which 85 per cent of traffic is travelling at or under.

But Councillor Smith said: “This is an ongoing problem and I would like to see more analysis of these figures.”