Signs action call amid fears over road safety

Cll.Start marshall at the Hawick roudabout which is causing disputes due to the road signs.
Cll.Start marshall at the Hawick roudabout which is causing disputes due to the road signs.

ROAD signs leading onto North Bridge Roundabout are causing “frustration”.

A complaint has been received from the Hawick Driving Instructors’ Association about the signs leading from Commercial Road, Mart Street and Mansfield Road.

And the association has demanded action to improve road safety by raising the signs or positioning them elsewhere on the roundabout.

A spokesperson said: “Because of the signs restricting your view as you approach, some drivers hesitate to go or they often chance going. And because one of the signs has been lowered (Mansfield Road), van drivers sitting higher up can see clearly but car drivers can’t, which often which leads to frustration.”

There are also issues surrounding the clarity of the road markings and the approach from the A7 south, which has been widened, but a lack of dividing markings is believed to be causing confusion.

A site meeting took place earlier this week and was attended by local councillor Stuart Marshall, officials from Scottish Borders Council as well as two police officers.

A spokesman for SBC said: “The A7 North Bridge Roundabout and two of the four approach arms are classified as part of trunk road network and fall under the jurisdiction of Transport Scotland, and are managed by Bear Scotland. As such neither SBC or Bear can make modifications to this roundabout without the other’s approval.”

It is understood taxi drivers have also expressed concerns over the signage.

Councillor Marshall, who is set to attend a meeting of the A7 Action Group in Selkirk in a fortnight, told the Hawick News this week that the problems will need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

He commented: “The issues of poor signage, visibility and holes in the actual road itself at this particular roundabout have been brought to my attention by representatives from the local driving instructors’ association as well as taxi firms and members of the public.

“There are also defective lighting columns and very poor road markings on this the busiest junction in the town and it’s simply not good enough.

“All these issues are the responsibility of BEAR, and SBC roads officials and myself are very keen to meet with them in the near future.”