Showers can’t rain on Cornet’s parade

CORNET Ross Nichol is hoping he has seen the first and last of the spring showers that soaked them on Tuesday’s ride to Cogsmill.

The mounted following of almost 70 riders made it through the cheers of townsfolk, up the Loan, past Williestruther and Acreknowe before the heavens opened as they crossed Stobs Camp.

Cornet Nichol told the Hawick News: “It was another great day out, apart from the soaking we got at Stobs. We were soaked right through to the skin, but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of anyone and, other than that wee shower, it was a lovely afternoon.”

They were afforded the chance to dry off courtesy of a typically warm welcome provided at Cogsmill hall, where entertainers excelled and the hospitality was thoroughly enjoyed.

Cornet Nichol added: “The weather on the way back was absolutely perfect. I really hope that’s our one and only shower throughout the whole six weeks.”

Thoughts now turn to tomorrow’s ride-out.

As a 12-year-old boy Ross was one of many saddled up behind Steven Anderson in 2002.

A decade later the boy has very much become a man as he returns to the scene of his first ride-out – this time heading the cavalcade on the hill road to Roberton.

Cornet Nichol said: “As Roberton was my very first ride-out it’s always a favourite of mine. I’m not sure I look forward to the ditches at the top of Drinkstone, but it promises to be another great day.”

Tomorrow’s ride-out leaves Backdamgate at 1.30pm via High Street, Dovemount, Princes Street and Dickson Street to Stirches, Stouslie to Whitehaugh Moor, Blawearie to Borthwickshiels before arriving at Roberton at 3.45pm. Riders leave Roberton at 5.45pm via Parkhill, Chapelhill to the Vales, ford the Teviot and Allan waters to Southfield, Pilmuir Rig, Pilmuir Field to Hawick Moor at 7.50pm; then Nipknowes, Loan and Tower Knowe at 8.15pm.

Tuesday’s ride to Lilliesleaf leaves Backdamgate at 2pm via Sandbed, Wilton Path, Dickson Street, Stirches, Harelaw at 3.45pm, arriving in Lilliesleaf at 4pm. They leave Lilliesleaf at 6pm via Harelaw, Drove Road to Clarilaw, Appletreehall, Burnfoot and Mansfield Road, arriving at Tower Knowe at 8pm.