Short vents anger at councillors’ no-show

Marion short has slammed the town’s Scottish Borders councillors after only one of them turned up to a meeting to discuss the High Street.

All of Hawick’s five area representatives were invited to Tusday night’s meeting and despite huge protests last month from Davie Paterson about being left out of High Street discussions, he failed to respond to the invite.

The community council chair told the Hawick News this week that she was disappointed in the response but she can’t force councillor participation.

“I am very disappointed. Our councillors were given five dates to choose from and although he initially said he could not attend, Ron Smith was the only one who managed to turn up.

Mrs Short said she received apologies from George Turnbull who had a community council meeting in Newcastelton and from Stuart Marshall who had family business. However, she said she recieved no apology from Councillor Paterson, who ignored all correspondence, and Councillor Cranston only apologised 48 hours after the meeting.

Responding to this, a clearly annoyed Mr Paterson said: “I was at a community council meeting in Newcastelton. Let’s be honest here. Marion Short isn’t disappointed with me. This is right up her street as it is giving her the publicity she needs to stand for election to Scottish Borders Council. She can say what she wants but I had other important business to take care of. This is about publicity, nothing else.”

The Hawick News was unable to contact Mr Cranston.