Shop owners hope for pre-Christmas boost

HAWICK shop owners are reporting mixed festive trading and are hoping townsfolk show support in the remaining few days before Christmas.

Rum and Milk proprietor Gillian Morgan told the Hawick News that she is certainly busier than last Christmas and popular sellers include handbags, scarves and jewellery as well as Hawick themed-tree decorations.

“Anything Hawick related is always popular with people at home and abroad. I have been busy and am hoping it continues right up until Christmas Eve.”

Eden and Eden for Men owner Sandi Spence says she has been busy, adding that locals have been shopping for Christmas since around August in a bid to spread the cost.

The Buccleuch Street businesswoman said: “It has been good. I am well supported and always busy with high school dance dresses and primary party frocks. I run a Christmas Club and provide a gift wrapping service which takes out a lot of the hassle for men. As well as the popular party dresses SuperDry and Joules have also sold well.”

Local jeweller Graham Smith is optimistic that this year will be better than last, which he described as the long established jeweller’s worst in 42 years.

He said: “Last year was awful. We are steadily ticking over but not breaking any records but we won’t be shutting down either. We’ve had no huge sales but we weren’t really expecting that.”

Giftwear, watches and lower priced jewellery have been popular and he added: “It’s hard to gauge how things are going and we won’t know 
until after Christmas.”

High Street butcher Lindsay Grieve is cautiously optimistic about this year in general and is reporting an increase in orders for beef and ham but adds that turkeys are “going out of fashion a little”.

He added: “This year has been going well for us. I see a lot of people coming back to independent butchers who can provide exactly what they want.

“Folk come in and ask us questions about the products we sell and we can cater to their needs.

“I think a generation of people missed out the smaller butcher, preferring to shop at supermarkets but I see that changing. And I welcome that. For us that must be a good

“I’m always scared to be too confident about the future as it’s very easy to fall flat on your face.

“Christmas orders are up with plenty folk coming through the door which is all you can ask for.”