Shock for Janice as she receives top Provost Council’s award

BURNFOOT headteacher Janice Chapman is this year’s winner of the Provost Council’s Achievement Award.

In a special ceremony attended by over 30 people in the town hall’s council chambers on Friday night, the school leader was shocked to discover that she had been chosen as the recipient of the annual accolade.

Nominated by the town’s Provost Council in recognition of her contribution to Burnfoot and the learning community’s four-year Vision 2014 project – leading the hugely successful Big Sing event at Mansfield Park as the highlight of the present Year of Culture – Mrs Chapman was the toast of family and friends who had gathered to mark the occasion.

She told the Hawick News: “I had no idea I had won as the whole thing was a huge surprise. My husband (David) had convinced me to go along to a town twinning reception with him. I was very surprised when I entered the council chambers to be greeted with cheers and applause from the many family and friends who were gathered.”

In his speech, Provost Ron Smith highlighted the Burnfoot headteachers’ commitment to the school and her pupils, and her work as chair of Vision 2014 – and as her former teacher he also paid tribute to a work ethic which has benefited many. “The leadership of Janice has provided a platform for whole community development, extending the role of the school and placing it at the heart of the community. Breakfast Clubs, Eco Schools, Green Flag, Sports Award, After School Club, and a successful bid to the People’s Lottery which resulted in the multi-use game area,” he stated.

Afterwards Provost Smith told the Hawick News: “Janice was the Provost’s Council’s choice as it wanted to pay tribute to her long term commitment to the children and community of Burnfoot, and to recognise the role she is playing as the chair of Vision 2014. Her leadership of the staff group has seen a series of initiatives within Burnfoot Community School which have seen it gain national awards.”

He added: “The award also gave the opportunity to support the work of the whole staff body at Burnfoot, and to stress the role which the school plays in the Burnfoot community.”

Mrs Chapman, a mum-of-two, commented: “It is a great privilege to be part of very hard working and successful teams. I was particularly delighted that the school and the school team was recognised and celebrated. The Vision 2014 team is a real community venture and I am humbled that so many people support us in all that we try to do and look forward to the rest of the project over the coming years.”

Husband ‘Chappy’ was presented with the award back in 2007 as a band member with local group Scocha.