‘Sheer hell’ at hands of neighbours

Sammy Summers
Sammy Summers

A local man had his life turned into a “nightmare” after his Portuguese neighbours falsely accused him of racism and hate crimes.

And after spending a year on police bail, unable to visit his wife’s relatives, the case against 53-year-old Sammy Summers was thrown out of court last week, five minutes after his trial began.

Mr Summers, who moved to the west end from Weensland last December, said: “These people gave my wife and I three years of sheer hell. They did not work. They turned night into day. The noise was unbearable and constant, and despite complaining numerous times to the police and getting the anti-social behaviour unit involved, things just did not improve. This has been a living nightmare.

“Then, out of the blue last July, the police turned up and arrested me for a hate crime and for making racist remarks. They had no dates, no evidence, no nothing, but for over a year I’ve been on police bail and the case was thrown out after five minutes. I’m disgusted.”

The stress resulted in both Mr Summers, who has no previous convictions, and his wife Jill visiting the doctor where he was prescribed sleeping pills.

Mr Summers, who attended court eight times in relation to the allegations, added: “I’m so frustrated. The police handled this badly and I’ll pursue this. I ‘ve been let down by a system that I truly believed was the best in the world.”

Police Inspector Carol Wood said: “We take reports of racism seriously and will fully investigate the circumstances of any complaints, reporting the facts to the procurator fiscal.

“If anyone is dissatisfied with the service they receive they can complain through the appropriate channels and it will be investigated.”