Sentence deferred on mechanic who saw red over ‘gay’ remark

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When another man falsely accused him of being gay, Gary Craig assaulted him to his permanent disfigurement.

The attack happened on New Year’s Day after a night out celebrating Hogmanay.

At Jedburgh Sheriff Court, Craig, 17, a first offender, of Weensland Road, admitted headbutting the other man, causing him to fall to the ground, and kicking him on the head to his injury and permanent disfigurement in Weensland Road on January 1.

Depute fiscal Mark Keane said the victim and a friend left a nightclub after celebrating Hogmanay and met the accused at about 3am, when they all decided to walk home together, heading along Weensland Road.

Mr Keane said Craig took offence at something the other man said and “squared up to him. He headbutted him causing him to fall to the ground, and as he curled up to protect himself, the accused kicked him on the face,” said Mr Keane.

The other friend intervened and a passing taxi driver stopped to take the victim home, when he contacted police and organised a lift to hospital.

He required two stitches to his left eyebrow and will be left with a permanent scar.

Defence solicitor Rory Bannerman said Craig, a student mechanic, had been walking home with a friend and the complainer.

“During the journey, the complainer, it is said, called my client gay,” said Mr Bannerman.

“He is not, and he should just have let it go, but he got annoyed when it was again repeated.”

Mr Bannerman said the conviction would have an impact on Craig for the rest of his life.

“This was a one-off, where he rose to the bait,” concluded Mr Bannerman.

Sentence was deferred until March 10 for reports.

n A teenager found standing outside the police station with a knife, was placed on probation for 12 months.

Seventeen-year-old Glen McGillivray, of Crumhaugh Road, dmitted possession of a knife in the police station car park on November 8.

Depute fiscal Mark Keane told how a member of the public had reported a man acting suspiciously outside the main entrance to the police station.

Officers found McGillivray at the public entrance, holding a knife in his hand.

“He was told to drop it, which he did, and was then arrested,” said Mr Keane.

Defence lawyer Rory Bannerman described the offence as “a cry for help.

“He knows this is a serious matter, and spent a night in custody as a result,” added Mr Bannerman.

McGillivray was admonished on a further charge after he admitted breaching a bail curfew in Laidlaw Terrace on December 19.