Sentence deferred on ‘hooligan’ who threatened to slit his mum’s throat

After Jory Silver was arrested he told police he was going to burn his mother’s house down and slit her throat when he got out.

The 17-year-old had been told to leave his mother’s address as he was no longer welcome there, but returned later in the afternoon “under the influence of alcohol or some substance” and began shouting and swearing and throwing garden furniture about.

Silver, of Cross Wynd, appeared from custody at Selkirk Sheriff Court and admitted committing a breach of the peace in Scott Crescent on March 26.

“He was told he was not welcome at the address and to move out,” explained procurator fiscal Morag McLintock, “and was taken to another address.

“He came back asking for his belongings even though he had been told they had been taken to the address where he was now staying.

“At 2.45pm he was back again and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or some substance,” continued Ms McLintock.

“He began to shout and swear and throw garden furniture about.”

The fiscal said the accused’s mother was concerned for her safety.

Police found him in the garden, shouting and swearing at his mother.

“When arrested, he told police that he was going to burn his mother’s house down and slit her throat when he got out,” concluded the fiscal.

Defence solicitor Alison Marshall said her client had been assaulted on Saturday afternoon. “He had blood on his clothes and went to his mother’s address as it was nearer than his father’s where he is staying.

“He thought there was still clothing there and went to ask for a change of clothes,” added Miss Marshall.

“That was refused and he was angry at what had happened to him, although he knows what he did was unacceptable.”

Miss Marshall said Silver had spent two nights in custody.

Sentence was deferred until April 28 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court, for reports with an interim ASBO imposed. Silver was released on bail, with a 9pm to 6am curfew.

“In the course of last year you have behaved like a hooligan in the community,” Sheriff Kevin Drummond told Silver. “And if you can’t stop it, then I can.”