Sentence deferred in bus driver fraud case

A BUS driver who falsely claimed more than £9,750 benefits, had sentence deferred for two months until March 8.

Andrew Hood, formerly of Stopford Street, Newcastleton, and now living in Johnstone, admitted obtaining £4,782.29 housing benefit and £1,070.11 Council Tax to which he was not entitled between October 24 2008 and July 4 2011 after failing to report he was a self-employed driver for Telford’s coaches.

Hood, a 50-year-old first offender, also admitted obtaining three sums of Jobseekers Allowance - £1,268.12, £1,178.10, and £1,473.26, between October 29 2009 and July 4 2011.

“He was working as a coach driver and receiving intermittent income,” explained defence solicitor Greig McDonell.

“He didn’t declare his working hours and his income during this period, although he knew that he should.

“He accepts full responsibility for his actions,” added Mr McDonell.