sel’s stepping it up all in a good cause

Sel has been a regular on the stepping machine at Think Fitness as he prepares for his mammoth charity challenge
Sel has been a regular on the stepping machine at Think Fitness as he prepares for his mammoth charity challenge

SEL Messer is ready to climb Mount Everest and K2 in one day.

The 49-year-old has organised a mammoth charity challenge in aid of Macmillan Nurses, which will see him being on the stepping machine at Think Fitness in O’Connell Street for 24 hours - reaching 57,285 feet.

Sel will be on the stepper for one hour at a time, after which he will be allowed just seven minutes rest before getting back onto the machine.

He told the Hawick News: “I’ll have volunteers helping me the whole time I’m on the machine, helping to change my T-Shirts and shorts in a hurry and giving me food and drinks in the seven minutes I’m allowed to rest.”

For the last three months Sel, who was a competitor in this year’s Weel Kent Face competition, has been making use of the stepping machine up to six times a week thanks to the free use of the facilities at Think Fitness.

He joked: “I must apologise to the gym users who are wanting to go on the stepper and I’ve been on it at the time. I would like to thank them for their patience, but they will have it all to themselves again soon.”

What makes it even more amazing is that 12 years ago Sel suffered an horrific ice climbing accident in Glen Orchy, when a block of ice fell on top of him and paralysed his left arm and diaphragm.

He explained: “I managed to pull the nerves from the spinal column at the back of my neck.

“I suffer from chronic nerve pain in my left arm and I have breathing difficulties with my left hand side lung because of my diaphragm doesn’t work, as it sits on top of my lung. ”

Now he is hoping to help others through his charity challenge, during which he will burn a full week-and-a-half worth of calories over the 24-hour period.

“I chose this charity because the Macmillan Nurses do a fantastic job and support people all over the Borders who suffer from that dreaded word cancer,” he said.

People can sponsor Sel be visiting his page at:, visit Think Fitness and sponsor him there, or contact him on 378216.

He added: “Everyone is welcome to pop in and see me over the 24-hour period, and they can donate money in the bin that I will have next to the stepper.”

The challenge takes place from 1pm on Friday, October 7 to 1pm the next day.