Security stepped up at Burnfoot hub site

Rumours that youths were vandalising the Burnfoot Hub on a daily basis were dismissed as totally innacurate this week.

But those behind the project told the Hawick News that concerns over safety have prompted the tightening of on-site security at the £2.1million project.

The 43-week build is now approaching the halfway stage and is on budget.

Burnfoot Community Futures chairperson (BFC) Zoe Hall told the Hawick News: “Progress is good despite a very small number of youngsters whose actions mean that we have had to spend some more of the hard-won budget on extra security. A building site can be a dangerous place and our concerns are for the safety of the youngsters.”

Project manager Jan Pringle said: “We have had reports of youngsters getting into the site. But any suggestions that the building is regularly being targeted by vandals is totally innacurate. A building site is a dangerous place and we do have concerns that someone may be injured.”

The aim of the hub is to create a central place for people of all ages from Burnfoot and beyond to socialise, to have fun and to consider volunteering and learning new skills.

Miss Hall added: The building is scheduled to be opened this summer and there will be activities for youngsters, of all ages. It would be a great shame if the actions of a few were able to spoil things for everyone else.

“Burnfoot Community Futures is working with youth workers from Community Learning and Development and we hope to be able to engage more with parents and the wider community to make sure that the hub, when it opens, provides the things that the community wants.

Local councillor Watson McAteer said: “The recent incidents taking place at the Burnfoot hub site are likely to be a continuation of the youth-related problems blighting specific areas of Burnfoot. The police, building contractor and the Burnfoot Community Futures board are working to enhance site security towards reducing the obvious safety risks and limiting any potential damage or disruption to the property.

“The Hub is a fantastic opportunity for Burnfoot and it is important that the entire community help ensure its success.”

Updates on BCF’s progress are available on Facebook.