Security fears stalk Roadhouse

FEARS are growing that the former Burnfoot Roadhouse may become “a pile of rubble”.

And safety concerns are intensifying as youngsters continue to use the former pub as a gang hut.

The building is currently the subject of a lottery bid by the Burnfoot Community Futures group, which hopes to transform it into a community hub.

But worried members of Burnfoot Community Council said the ambitious plans could literally go up in smoke unless measures were taken to address the lack of security at the premises.

Councillor Stuart Marshall said: “I’ve spoken to most neighbouring residents and they all have concerns.

“Round the back the fence has been kicked in and the back shed is no longer there. Thieves are getting in and taking a lot of the fittings and the copper is being ripped away.

“It’s an absolute disgrace as there’s so many good people in Burnfoot trying to do great things with that building.

“I’m just frightened it ends up a pile of rubble.”

The premises closed several years ago and although it has been boarded up by the owners, the weather and attacks by vandals have left it in a dilapidated condition.

Community beat officer Steven Sutherland stressed: “The building is not safe and I’d urge members of the public to contact us if they know there is someone in there. If the building collapses, then there will be trouble.”

The community council agreed to write to the owners of the property and ask for more security measures to be put in place.