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HAWICK Camera Club stages its annual photographic exhibition in the High Street clubrooms next week – and once again members have conjured up many delights through their lenses, writes John Slorance.

The show is, as always, well worth a visit, with the audiovisual sequences set to catch the eye in the club’s upstairs cinema area, as well as a striking display of prints in the downstairs studio.

Indeed, the countless beautiful and colourful photographs of a wide variety make for pleasant viewing.

Gordon Gilfether comes up with a hat-trick of goodies in the audiovisual sequences.

First to hit the screen is ‘Major Incident’, a light-hearted look at the happenings of last year, when all of the emergency services were called to the bookmakers shop in Silver Street.

It turned out to be something of a non-event, but brought traffic to a halt, caused great excitement and was the subject of wild rumours within the town.

Gordon adds humorous commentary to the piece.

Also from the camera of Gordon, is the ‘Eden Project’, which is set in Cornwall.

Here we see the world’s largest geodesic domes as well as a fascinating and colourful look at the world of plants, with species from the Mediterranean, South Africa and California, all blossoming in the Cornish air.

Visitors are also taken by Gordon to the small village of Clovelly, in Devon. A real tourist attraction, Clovelly is made up of a car-free cobbled main street, and has an enchanting harbour which overlooks the Bristol Channel.

Bert Lancaster comes up with a double delight, with ‘Bratislava by day and night’ as well as Hungary.

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is captured at its wonderful best by Bert’s outstanding photographs.

From its impressive buildings, to its many other attractions, including the discovery of a Hawick Cashmere shop, Bratislava is an intriguing place.

In the same mould is Bert’s trip to Hungary, where the likes of Budapest’s parliament buildings, the River Danube, small villages and their people, all come to the fore.

Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides are brought to the screen by Edith McLean.

The tranquillity and beauty of the islands’ beaches, plus loads of other well-photographed images of the beauty of Lewis and Harris, are also well presented.

Thanks to Edith, visitors are taken to the completely contrasting scenes of Vietnam.

‘Signs Everywhere’ is the work of Bernie Gajos, and it simply lives up to its title. For Bernie has captured all sorts of signs in a clever and witty manner.

Another piece of Bernie’s work is ‘Street Life’.

The fun, action and excitement of the Denholm Bogie Race is well captured by Eric Scotland in yet another sequence.

All works have excellent and appropriate background music to accompany them.

The superb work of ‘Members Images’, which brings about photographs of all description, is presented in both the audiovisual and print sections.

The exhibition starts on Monday and runs to Friday. There is also a matinee on Wednesday at 2.30pm.

Doors open for print displays at 6.45pm. The audiovisual show is at 7.15pm. Donation £3.