Scott throws down gauntlet to find town’s Man of Steel

Scott Weddle
Scott Weddle

SCOTT Weddle has joked that more people need to sign up for his charity Man of Steel competition – to stop him from lifting the top prize!

The powerhouse has organised the event for later this month which will provide the ultimate test of strength, muscle stamina and cardiovascular endurance.

And while several people have signed up or shown an interest so far, Scott is keen to get as many people involved as possible.

He told the Hawick News: “I want loads of people to get involved so I’ve got a challenge and it’s a fair contest.

“Seriously though, it’s going to be a great event and because there’s so many different elements, you don’t have to be good at every one. All you need to be is consistent.

“It would be a perfect challenge for football or rugby players looking to get a head start on their pre-season preparations, while also doing their bit for charity.”

There will be 11 different events, ranging from single bench presses and single lift squats, to an incline treadmill run followed by a 500m row.

Six will be held in the gym at Fairhurst Drive, with the remaining five taking place in Think Fitness in O’Connell Street.

Entry is a minimum of £50 sponsorship with the winner collecting the entire amount raised for their good cause.

The event takes place on June 26 and sponsor forms are available from Yeomans, Northport or Think Fitness.