Scheme to reinstate flower power back into park rejected

A PROPOSAL to reinstate flower beds in Wilton Lodge Park through a sponsorship scheme has been suggested.

However, members of Hawick Community Council believe such a move is unnecessary and the area looks fine as it is.

A number of beds in the park were grassed over by Scottish Borders Council earlier this year in a money-saving move to cut maintenance costs.

At a recent community council meeting it was revealed by Councillor Jock Houston that to have them back all year round would cost £1,187 in total for maintenance. However, only to have them in the summer months would cost £657.50 and just in the winter is £529.50.

And he said this would be possible through sponsorship – even offering to plant the first seed by sponsoring one himself.

He said: “Surely there’s some individual or business in the town who could find £100 to sponsor a bed in the summer.

“That’s one of the most beautiful spots in the park, when you come out of the museum.

“Otherwise we’re not going to get them back at all.”

However, the feeling from a number of community councillors was that the move to grass over the flowers hasn’t been to the detriment of the park.

Isobel Scott said: “I don’t honestly think we’ve lost that much there (at the museum). As for further up, in my opinion the flower beds there didn’t work very well and the grass will eventually look fine.”

And Andrew Farquhar added: “I’ve never really noticed a great difference. Before there were an awful lot of flower beds and I believe the green accentuates the colour in the area.”