SBC to mull over Brougham Place one-way proposal

OFFICIALS from Scottish Borders Council are to consider turning Brougham Place into a one-way street in a bid to stop it being used as a short cut.

That was one of the solutions raised at a public meeting held in Trinity church hall on Tuesday, which was attended by 13 residents concerned by its misuse as a ‘rat run’, as well as police representatives and roads officers.

Councillor Ron Smith (pictured), who chaired the meeting, said: “We had a very good discussion and are trying to find a way forward to the problem, which includes speeding. Roads officers are going to work on a package which may include the old access-only signs being renewed, the speed bumps being updated, and the possibility of becoming one-way downwards to stop drivers nipping up.”

The council’s proposals are expected by the end of January.