SBC’s Denholm flood pledge

Denholm Councillor Stuart Marshall has welcomed assurances that action will be taken to protect the village from flooding.

The local member has spoken of his delight that a meeting with Scottish Borders Council officers has not only secured a promise to conduct inspections at Dean Burn on the outskirts – but also clear the drains in the neighbouring Dean Road.

With both spots believed to be the cause of a deluge which flooded Main Street earlier this month, and at the start of the year, Mr Marshall stated: “I was very pleased to have been given assurances that several nearby ditches that have, without doubt, played a role in contributing to this problem, will now be cleared.”

And confirming that business owners and affected residents’ suspicions that flood water has travelled from that particular area, he added: “We were horrified when we went into the adjacent wood and saw vital outlet points completely blocked by fly-tipping. Again, SBC have assured me that the debris will be removed.”

Mr Marshall says it was also agreed to examine the entire area for further contributing factors. He added: “I can only hope that by the measures agreed on-site last week, this problem will now be sorted, but time will tell.”

A spokesperson for SBC has confirmed actions agreed include drainage clearance alongside Dean Road, inspection of Dean Burn, and inspection of the Denholm Flood Protection Scheme, which officers believe is working well. There will also be visits to households in the Eastgate are to promote subsidised flood protection products.