SBC moots tractor plan to keep schools open

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THE High School could be asked to buy a brand new tractor to help clear the playgrounds of snow.

The Hawick News understands that the plan has been suggested to a selection of the region’s head teachers and would involve a financial contribution from their budgets as well as the local authority, to fund the machinery.

The high school currently owns a tractor which is used for the all-weather sports pitch and is operated by janitorial staff.

But the plan would be to upgrade this to enable them to deal with heavy snowfall and ensure the school remains open throughout the winter. A source said: “With cutbacks being faced I’m sure tax payers would find it difficult to agree to this. When we heard about it we thought it was an early April Fools joke.”

Local councillors hadn’t been notified and a spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council admitted any ideas were at a very early stage.

High school rector Alan Williamson said: “It is vital that we keep the school open for as many pupils as possible in order to help the local economy, and the council are exploring with schools various options to meet the resilient communities agenda.”