Santa Claus is coming to Burnfoot

SANTA Claus will be making his traditional Christmas Eve tour of Burnfoot.

Starting at around 5.30pm tonight (Monday), he will be travelling from Chay Blyth Place, down the Meadows, up Wilson Drive, down Fairhurst Drive, up Burnfoot Road, along Kenilworth Avenue, up Fraser Avenue, into McLagan Drive, all the way around to Charles Street, up to Hillend Drive, all the way around Hillend Drive, down Fraser Avenue to Ruberslaw Road, along to Eildon Road, down to Queens Drive, down the bottom half of Eildon Road then into Burnhead Road, up Eildon Road to Galalaw Road, into Scott Crescent and then into Henderson Road, finishing at the bottle banks.

A spokesperson said: “Santa is sorry that he is not able to cover every street on the estate but does hope that everyone gets the chance to see him on his visit to Burnfoot.”