Safety fears voiced over ‘shocking state’ of former Mansfield factory

Councillor Stuart Marshall (left) and resident Alan Scott outside the rundown former Woodcock's building
Councillor Stuart Marshall (left) and resident Alan Scott outside the rundown former Woodcock's building

THE dilapidated state of a derelict building in Mansfield Square has been described as a “disaster waiting to happen”.

Nearby residents have expressed concerns that the former engineering firm Woodcocks Ltd – which has stood empty for a number of years – is rapidly becoming more dangerous, with almost every window now broken and doors lying open.

And with the property attracting local youngsters, one householder says he fears a serious accident or fire.

“The building is in a shocking state and someone is going to be badly hurt or killed,” said Mr Scott. “Kids are getting in from the skateboard park side of the railway path, but now the door at the Johnstons side is open and they can get in from there. It is a real eyesore, and a disaster waiting to happen.”

And having watched the condition of the former Riversdale Mills site deteroriate, he added: “It is a big worry, and it will be too late once something has happened. If that went on fire, it would be a massive blaze.”

Local councillor, Stuart Marshall, is equally concerned after receiving several calls about the former mill, and told the Hawick News: “This building is in a disgraceful and dangerous state. I’m trying to get the many broken windows boarded up, and the upstairs doors are wide to the wall.”

He added: “Residents have had enough of this eyesore.”

And the Hawick and Denholm member says since it is a problem mirrored all over Hawick, it is time to put pressure on those responsible. Highlighting the former Peels of London in Victoria Road, Glenmac, Wilton Mills and Almstrongs buildings, Mr Marshall stated: “We have far too many eyesores of this nature in the town and it’s high time the owners told us what they intend doing with them, or at the very least make them safe.” He added: “The most famous building which is an utter disgrace, is Wilton Mills.”

A spokesman for SBC commented: “Councillor Marshall has raised his concerns and one of our officers was due to visit these sites yesterday.”

However, they have already served Almstrongs with a dangerous building order which has now been met.