Rumours rife over Pesco knitting move

Peter Scott's factory
Peter Scott's factory

Management at Peter Scott’s Buccleuch Road factory failed to quash rumours this week that the company is set to transfer its frame knitting operation to Bulgaria.

This follows the recent shock announcement that the firm was set to shed 20 jobs following a period of tough trading conditions.

If the Bulgarian move goes ahead it will be a major setback for the firm which is one of the town’s longest established knitwear producers.

Speaking this week, Provost Stuart Marshall said he is extremely concerned at the prospect of taking knitting abroad, and added: “When you hear of job losses within our knitwear industry one can only hope that those being made redundant can find jobs at other more busier factories within the town because if they don’t then the consequence, I’m afraid, is that skills are lost forever and towns like ours cant afford to keep allowing that to happen.

“Some companies who do choose to produce or buy offshore should always bear in mind that there is no place better than Hawick in terms of skills and quality.”

Announcing the pay-offs two weeks ago, Peter Scott management said: “We have announced a restructuring programme across the business, proposing a reduction in jobs at our Hawick factory. Despite our best efforts to grow the business, lower than expected turnover and tough trading conditions dictate a review of the business strategy.”

One insider told the Hawick News: “Things aren’t good here and it’s a worrying time for everyone.”

We contacted Pesco’s twice on Thursday to ask about the frames transfer to Bulgaria but received no response to our emails.