Rugby rumour has no foundation

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At the Hawick RFC AGM this week, we were made aware that there may be a rumour circulating regarding a new selection policy at Mansfield Park which would exclude players from the Quins and Linden.

We are grateful for this opportunity to dispel this baseless story once and for all. For avoidance of all doubt, any player with the requisite skills, fitness, and desire to play for the Greens will be considered for selection regardless of which club they play for.

We are only too aware of the challenges facing us this season in the Premier League and we know that, to compete with Premier clubs who run three or more teams, our player numbers at Mansfield will need support from the other clubs in the town.

We look forward to an increasingly close and mutually beneficial relationship with all rugby clubs in Hawick. Regardless of individual club loyalties, we are all striving for the same thing – successful and strong rugby at all levels.


Hawick RFC president and coach