Roy is rising to the occasion

CORNET Ross Nichol admitted this week his horse Roy is enjoying this year’s Common-Riding as much as he is.

The 15-year-old chestnut gelding is no stranger to the limelight, having carried the flag at Langholm in 2008. And he has slotted in with ease this year, taking pride of place at the head of the cavalcade.

Saturday was no different as he led mounted supporters over the hills to Philhope Bridge.

Cornet Nichol said: “Roy is doing well, maybe too well! I think he’s enjoying himself as well though and he’s getting fed plenty at the stables.

“Every time I go up to the Cornet’s stables he’s up and looking out over Hawick. He’s having a great time.”

Once again the weather cleared and the showers disappeared as more than 170 saddled up behind their Cornet to be waved from the town, out through Wilton Dean, by hundreds.

While it remained largely fair throughout, there was an icy cold wind to welcome riders and a large contingent of picnickers at Philhope Bridge.

Cornet Nichol said: “Maybe it was a bit cold for the picnickers but we were fine on the horses. It was another great ride to add to the list.”

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