Rotary’s stance on funding requests

I am sure the majority of your readers will be familiar with the work of Rotary – both internationally and here in Hawick. The Rotary Club of Hawick last year celebrated 75 years of supporting a wide range of projects, both at home and abroad.

In the last year alone we have contributed over £1,300 locally to various groups and individuals, another £400 to projects further afield in Scotland and over £1,100 to Rotary’s high-profile international projects such as Polio Plus and Mary’s Meals.

As you see, we try very hard to keep a balance between supporting the local community and helping those who require our help in other countries and we are indebted to the people of Hawick and district who contribute to our various fund-raising activities.

Recently we have noticed an increase in requests for assistance from Rotary. We disburse our funds throughout the Rotary year ending in June, retaining only a small working balance. Until we have embarked on new fund-raising activities we are unable to respond positively to further requests and we apologise to those whose requests we are unable to fulfil.

Organisations or individuals who wish to make requests for support from Rotary should make their requests in writing to the secretary, but must be aware that at this time of year there are very limited resources available and the club has to decide which causes to support. All requests are considered on their merits and we try very hard to accommodate as many as we are able.

We will shortly be embarking on a new series of fund-raising events, such as a film night, Morrisons grocery grab, coffee morning and many more. We look forward to the continuing support of the community on our efforts to assist those, here and abroad, who are in need.

Iain A. R. Smith

Honorary secretary

Rotary Club of Hawick

The Buccleuch Hotel Trinity Street, Hawick