Rotary’s quiz night fund-raiser

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Hawick Rotary Club is set to stage a charity quiz night to raise funds for the fight against polio.

The event will take place in the Catholic church Hall on Friday, March 20, and tickets are £4 each or £16 per team of four.

Proceeds from the fund-raiser will go to Rotary International, the volunteer fund-raising arm of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

A Hawick Rotary spokesperson said: “The global effort to eradicate polio demonstrates the tremendous impact of immunisations. Polio once paralysed more than 1,000 children every day, but the number of new polio cases has dropped more than 99 per cent since the 1980s.

“There are fewer cases in fewer places than ever before, and only three countries – Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan –have never stopped transmission of the wild polio virus.

“However, a funding gap means immunisation campaigns are being cut in high-risk countries, leaving children more vulnerable to polio. If polio isn’t stopped now, the disease could stage a comeback, affecting an estimated 200,000 children every year.

“There is no cure for polio but for as little as 39p worth of oral vaccine, a child can be protected from the disease for life.”